How to Be Interesting(Book Review)


People may always underestimate the value of reading a self-help book, or even despise of doing so. When I wandered in the self-help session in the bookstore, I admitted that somehow I also felt a bit ashamed. There is a perception that people who need to read self-help books has major problem in managing their life, and these books only serve for the ‘weakers’. Yet, I believe that no one is perfect, at least the one who read this kind of book really want to make a change in his/her life.

Back to the book, I am attracted to it since the first time I scanned through the book last week. Simple illustrations with few lines of remark, it is easy to read, but it doesn’t mean the content is shallow or meaningless. If I gonna publish a book in the future(less likely), I will write a book like this.

‘How to Be Interesting’ in 10 Simple Steps

1.Go Exploring

2.Share What You Discover

3. Do Something Anything

4.Embrace your Weirdness

5. Have A Cause

6. Minimize the Swagger

Ego: Gross, Wrong, Boring

Feel Tiny In This Vast Universe

“All I know is that I know nothing" Socrates

Just Learn to Listen

Drop the Titles

Not Everyone Wants What You Have

7. Give it a Shot

8. Hop off the Bandwagon

9. Grow a Pair

10. Ignore the scolds

Put the meaningful words together!

Banish, Blemish




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