How to Be Interesting(Book Review)


  How to be Interesting in 10 Simple Step- Jessica Hagy

People always underestimate the value of reading a self-help book, or even despise of doing so. When I wandered in the self-help session in the bookstore, I admitted that somehow I also felt a bit ashamed. There is a perception that people who need to read self-help books has major problem in managing their life, and these books only serve for the ‘weakers’. Yet, I believe that no one is perfect, at least the one who wants to read this kind of book really wants to make a change in his/her life.

I am strong attracted to this book since the first time I scanned through the book last week. Simple illustrations with few lines of remark, it is easy to read, but it doesn’t mean the content is shallow or meaningless. If I gonna publish a book in the future(less likely), I will write a book like this.

‘How to Be Interesting’ in 10 Simple Steps

1.Go Exploring

2.Share What You Discover

The more you shared and found, smarter you are. Don’t be a dummy!

3. Do Something Anything

4.Embrace your Weirdness

5. Have A Cause

《Purpose》(2015) Justin Bieber

Everyone has their own purpose to live, someone searches for the truth of God, someone wants to start up an entrepreneur, everyone wants to pursue their own dream. Have a Cause then fight for it.

6. Minimize the Swagger

Ego: Gross, Wrong, Boring

Feel Tiny In This Vast Universe

“All I know is that I know nothing" Socrates

Just Learn to Listen

Drop the Titles

Not Everyone Wants What You Have

7. Give it a Shot

Failure is composed mainly because we didn’t bother to try.

8. Hop off the Bandwagon

Followers, copycats, Wannabe are boring.

9. Grow a Pair

Dare to do things confidently

10. Ignore the scolds

Put the meaningful words together, Avoid people who make you feel creepy!!


Adventurous+ Generous+Active +Strange +Caring +Humble +Daring +Original +Brave +Self-Assured




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