Fishball Revolution- Police Vs Citizen

Fishball Revolution.jpg

Fishball Revolution 8 Feb 2016

Lunar New year originally is something festive, why it turns into a revolution? Some media may call it civil unrest, some will call it a revolution, same case applies to Umbrella Revolution, some people insists to refer it as a movement. The word “Revolution" kinda implies that there is a purpose in fighting for, while word like “movement" serves as a neutral term and “unrest" classifies the event as a riot with negative meaning.

After Umbrella Revolution, hostility between citizen and police is getting more and more intense. Crackdown on citizens has triggered the mistrust between authority and the public. Police has used batons and pepper spray and even warned to fire for twice

There is a grey area for unlicensed street hawkers to operate in big festivals, usually police will turn a blind eye on them, but not this year. It ends up with violent clashes broke out between police and protesters.

Once the netizens get to know this event through social media and immediately to summon supporters to fight against the rule of police in Mong Kok.


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