Daughtry -It’s not over … the hits so far

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First Greatest Hits Compilation album by American rock band Daughtry, including two new songs ‘Torches’ and  ‘Go Down’.

Chris Daughtry is the finalist on American Idol Season 5,  and he formed this band and named it after his last name.

This album is named after their 2006 Hits called ‘It’s not Over’.

I really want to get the Walmart exclusive(Acoustic Version) of this album.

Instead of saying Daughtry music is losing their rock soul , I would say it lost their rock soul in their last album ‘Baptized’ is getting more pop or commercial. I also share the same feeling with the controversy. I really love their ‘Leave This Town'(2009) album(My Best Album of All Time). This compilation album will definitely remind us the rock and roll spirit radiated by Daughtry, yet I believe the fans would look forward to listen more of their new songs.

Daughtry Discography

Daughtry (2006)

Leave This Town(2009)

Break the Spell(2011)


It’s Not Over…The Hits So Far(2016)

Track List

It’s not Over(2006)

What About Now(2006)

I first heard this song in Westlife album, there have been times that I thought that Westlife is the original singer o this song, instead of Daughtry.

Waiting for Superman

Long Live Rock&Roll 

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones


My favourite song of Daughtry, of course there are lots of reasons behind!! This song wrote about feeling of leaving home, but it can also be interpreted as a love song.

All the things I still remember

Years Goes by, and the time seems to fly

Crawling Back to You(2011)

Torches(New Song)







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