Spotlight Movie Review

Watched:1/3/16 1915 Elements
Take place in Boston(Capital city of Massachusetts) around the time of 9/11
*Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe investigation
Abuse in the Catholic Archdiocese
*The Pulitzer Prize is an award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature, and musical composition in the United States(Wikipedia)

2016 Oscars Best Original Screeplay and the Best Picture

The movie is filmed in a very unadorned and down to earth style.


Focus Question:
1.Will Christians watch it and feel unrelated and none of their business?
2.What is the role of Journalism and the journalists?                                                                            Journalist should seek the reality  of what is happening around. I admire the ‘Spotlight’ team spending months and months to do research and in pursuit of the truth and the stories behind.
I doubt every editor of the media is that open-minded for revealing the reality of some sensitive issues.
3.What is the role and the profession of being a lawyer?

Fighting for justice would be a cliche, and it is a hard to attain, especially when u are in a private firm and being hired. Once you are hired, you gonna defend for your own client no matter what, whether he is guilty or not, it is no longer your concern. It is your profession to protect and maximize the benefit of your client. But you do have a choice to decide whether to take the case or not in the beginning.

4. How dying newspaper industry still have their own value or we can directly move on to the high-tech devices for information?
I am glad that I was born between the traditional media and the high-tech devices world. I witness how Steve Jobs changes people life with smartphone and also their lifestyle. As a 90s generation, I also get used to the use of electronic devices and the internet, if not I will not write this movie review online, I’m also enjoying the benefits of the online media. Unlike the past, everyone can be published and posted their own articles on the internet, and there are millions of potential netizens who are able to read their work. Yet, because of that, we are overwhelmed with loads of information, far more than the traditional media era. But our time is limited, thus we only select what we want to read, and screen out those which you are not interested. In this way, we just exposes ourselves a narrow scope of the world. Of course, there is no right or wrong of relying on online reading, we should also be aware of what we are missing compared to the old days when we read through the newspaper.

5. Religion as a shelter or just a scam?

When you are so hopeless or helpless, someone seems nice and kind approach to you, you will be super thankful. Yet, when someone like this takes advantage of your trust and your faith in God, it is extremely pathetic.

6. Does it take an outsider?The Jewish background of the new editor(outsider)

While others are apathetic towards this issue(Other media just understates the news/ Even the lawyer and the organization is sending information to the press, they are being neglected), the new editor has the courage to reveal this largest scandal.


Recommended Movies:

1.Philomena(2013)- dark side of the Catholic Church and a bit related to journalism too

2.Kill the Messenger(2014)

3.All the President’s Men(1976)



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