Female President Hillary Clinton


We Asked, You Answered: Is it Important to Elect a Female President? New York Times

World still plagued by gender discrimination

Minority in US politics

Have personal experience of societal prejudice against

male-dominated system that does not allow reasonable accommodations for pregnancies, maternity leave and child-rearing(I am consistently disappointed by the lack of gender equality)

Current Female President 

Dilma Rousseff-Brazil

Park Geun-hye- South Korea

Tsai Ing-wen-Taiwan


But does it means electing a female president proves there is no longer gender discrimination? Similar question can also be asked in the Academy Awards, do black actors/actresses being nominated or awarded mean  that we eradicate our race discrimination?

Should we put a lot of emphasis on demographic categories which seems to be insignificant factors of politics, instead characters matter.(‘Lincoln wasn’t great because he was male’). Someone suggests that woman leader would be ‘more likely to be empathetic yet pragmatic, less likely to take rash unilateral disastrous foreign policy and military actions’, somehow to certain extent it is about gender stereotype again.

I believe apart from female gaining the highest position in different fields, it is more important they can be given more opportunities  in different hierarchy/workplace. Instead of blindly achieving a benchmark or a historic milestone, we should slow down and start considering the non-demographic factors(‘Electing a woman as president simply because of gender is sexist’). It is back to the case where a company hires a man instead of a woman without considering their expertise and skills.





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