Imagine Donald Trump rules USA

It is a tragedy that Donald Trump is indeed the President of the United States and there is no doubt that he is definitely a ticking-bomb.

“Make America Great Again" sounds terrible and ironic as he is the one who gonna destroy not only America but the world order.

Conservative and heavily evangelical voters are his best supporters, as well as low-income white voters without college degrees.

Selfish Tycoon Background

Disrespect towards Female

Sexist comments

TV Reality Show

Fundamentally Conservative/Totalitarianism

Racism Bigot

Donald Trump is best known as a white supremacist.

Scapegoating the immigrants

Demeaning treatment of women, minorities and the disabled


Freedom of Speech

Danger to Democracy

Not even endorsed by the GOP or even be denounced/onslaught

Stiffening the resolve of mainstream Republicans to reject Mr. Trump

Erratic pronouncements on national security

Donald Trump.jpg

Words to describe Trump

Abyss//Bullying//Catastrophe/Calamitous//Demagogue, Disaster//Entertaining in some extent//Fundamentally Conservative//Greed//Outrageous//Phony//Showing off,Suicidal//



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