Vampire Diaries

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To be honest, I stop watching when Elena is gone.

Almost every Vampire-related TV series or movies are packaged with a romantic story.

Brotherhood, even Damon and Stefan do not share the same value and with different personality, they take care of each others. Stefan is willing to sacrifice his own humanity(He most value) in exchange for Klaus blood to save Damon from the Werewolf  bite(fatal to vampire).

Love conquers the nature, kinda cliche, yet that explains why somehow these kind of vampire series run so successfully and become so addictive.

Revenge is everything. Hatred can turn someone blind and be willing to risk everything they care, or even sacrifice their own companion! People can’t help holding grudges and resentments, just so desperate to find someone to blame and punish. That reminds me of Death Penalty. I still don’t get the idea of taking criminal’s life in exchange for what he/she has done. Classical argument would be ‘If someone rape someone, does it means that the raper should be raped by someone else in return.’ That doesn’t make any sense, we live in a civilized society, we are ruled under the judicial system, lifetime imprisonment is already a very painful punishment for the criminal.

Desire, we always can’t control ourselves! Our desire to sleep, our desire to be lazy, our desire to eat, our desire to love

Fixed, vampire needs to be fixed, cured, they are monster who hurts people. These terms remind me of homosexuality, some people think that it is an illness that need to be fixed, they bring their children to see psychologist, trying to change their orientation. Love is just an excuse for doing so, if you really love your children, you will accept who they actually are instead of denying and try to altering them into your own ideal model. It ends up fulfilling your own selfish satisfaction by depriving their own identity and aspiration.

Born Evil Just don’t want someone to have expectation of being good

Humanity Our emotions make us human, if you feel nothing, we are like dead. Staying alive is a blessing, and it comes along with the pain that we need to withstand.

Human doesn’t worth a thing!

Wolf and Vampire must hate each other, it is never a destiny, not necessary to be enemies.  Not respecting each other! Why always assume everyone is evil, vicious cycle. Bias/Discrimination/Stereotype.Add difficulty to

Turning off the humanity

Are we all born to be evil?

Why someone will ask for Immortality/ Eternity?



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