Malaysia is my favorite South East Asian country by far. It comprises of East Malaysia and West Malaysia. Malaysia is a federation consisting of 13 states and 3 federal territories. Malaysia locates near to the equator, thus it is always super hot all the time.

Malay Cities that I have visited:
Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡/ Penang 檳城/ Langkawi 浮羅交怡/ Ipoh 怡保/ Malacca 馬六甲/ Johor Bahru 新山/ Port Dickson 狄臣港/ Putrajaya 布城/太子城/ 麻坡(Muar)

Malaysian vs Malay
Demographics of Malaysia : Malay 馬來人 70%/ Chinese 23% / Indian 7%
Malay have control over politics, while the Chinese control the economy of Malaysia

Religion of Malay
Most of the Malay are mild Muslim. Just as other Muslims, they eat Halal food 清真食品 and they don’t consume any alcohol or pork.

Malay Language
Selamat Datang= Welcome
Selamat Pagi= Good Morning
Selamat Petang=Good Afternoon
Selamat Malam= Goodnight

Ayam=Chicken(Always can see this in KFC)

Terima kasih(等你媽嫁先) = Thank You

Please Don’t use your Left hand
When you interact with the Malay, please don’t use your left hand, it is insulting and offensive, since the Malay believe that left hand is dirty as they use them to clean their body part after using the toilet.

Thunderstorm all the time

Before you depart, you will probably check the weather forecast beforehand, but most of the time it is the thunderstorm sign. In Malaysia, suddenly there will be showers then the sun comes up again, almost like a daily routine. So don’t be too worried when you see the striking thunderstorm sign.

What Malaysia famous for?


2)肉骨茶(Bak kut teh)
Pork rib dish cooked in broth popularly served in Malaysia and Singapore- Wiki

Bak kut teh in Malaysia is full of Chinese medicine taste, while Singaporean ones feature pepper flavor.

聲稱係蔡瀾介紹的肉骨茶(Bak kut teh) but I prefer 松發肉骨茶 in Singapore


The taste of Milo in Malaysia is much richer than Milo in other places. Buy a can of Milo when you pass by any grocery or convenient store. Try special drinks called Milo dinosaur!

Overview of the Malaysian Cities

Langkawi is famous for sunshine and beaches, yet I haven’t visited any of them, probably because I don’t know how to swim and not interested in wearing bikini and resort.
The name Langkawi means the reddish brown eagle.


Cable Car in Oriental Village, Langkawi

Penang 檳城
There is direct flight to Penang by Cathay Dragon(KA).

Movie Lust, Caution《色,戒》在此取景
Penang Fort Cornwallis 古堡炮台

I love the historic streets and architecture there, it is like we are back to the 60s.

A Chinese community is deeply rooted there. I can even communicate with the taxi driver in Cantonese.

Georgetown is the city centre of Penang.

Char Kway Teow 炒粿條 


Penang is famous for its murals.

Putrajaya 太子城

It is the administrative capital of the country.

Putra Mosque 粉紅清真寺

Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡

The name of Kuala Lumpur refers to the confluence of the Klang and Gombak rivers.

Batu Caves 黑風洞
Thaipusam 大寶森節 Celebration takes place here (Tamils)

Lord Muruga Statue taken on 16/06/2018 

Merdeka Square 獨立廣場
31/8/1957 Independence Day from Britain Rule
The square is surrounded by Victorian architecture
Muzium Negara(National Museum)

KLCC Area PETRONAS Twin Towers(Iconic skyscraper of Malaysia)

Muzium Negara(National Museum)

Kuala Selangor 瓜拉雪蘭莪 -Sky Mirror 天空之鏡 / Firefly

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia is best known for Sky Mirror. Yet if you live in Asia, now you can first try this Sky Mirror in Malaysia. It is a rural area of Kuala Lumpur, just around 1 hr and 30 mins away from KL.

Sky Mirror in Bolivia is formed because of rain accumulation, while Malaysia one is formed by the ebb of tide. The centre of the sea becomes a shallow, which can reflect the sky view. Since it is 

Seafood Restaurants near to the pier.

Watch firefly in Mangrove at night

At the same spot, we get to see the ecosystem of firefly at night.

British colonial architecture (Railway Station/Town Hall)

Malacca 馬六甲

It was once a Dutch and Portuguese colony.


Christ Church Melaka 基督堂 8 Feb 2018

Accommodation: Holiday Inn Melaka

Very convenient location, across the road is a mega local shopping mall

Johor Bahru 新山
The nearest city next to Singapore, many Malaysian come across the Singapore border to work in daytime.

Port Dickson 狄臣港

Grand Lexis PD vs Lexis PD

私人泳池(Private Swimming Pool) is the main huge difference between the two hotels. They locate next to each other. 

Wait to explore List:

Sabah// Sarawak(砂勞越)- East Malaysia with rich natural resources



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